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  1. Vor einem Tag · Ashes and Diamonds is a MASTERPIECE, not only of Polish but also of world cinema.What electrifies when reading reviews, writes Krzysztof Kornacki, is the courage and frequency with which authors use terms like “masterpiece,” “genius,” “outstanding,” “excellent,” “groundbreaking”; sometimes right in the title, which – in the case of film criticism – constitutes the ...

  2. Vor einem Tag · Eu já assisti em torno de dez vezes ao multipremiado filme “O Pianista”, de Roman Polanski, e a cada vez que me entrego à película é realmente uma entrega, em que procuro me colocar no lugar do protagonista, o pianista polonês Wladysław Szpilman (Adrien Brody). É certo que é impossível a integralidade dessa entrega, mas, sem ela, assistir a esse filme perde parte do sentido, pois ...

  3. Vor 23 Stunden · Il viaggio di Roman Polanski e Ryszard Horowitz verso la Polonia, loro Paese natale. Da quando Polanski è andato via da Cracovia per diventare regista e Horowitz è fuggito a New York per intraprendere la sua carriera fotografica, i due non si sono più rivisti in patria. Dopo oltre 60 anni tornano in quel luogo che li ha cresciuti e resi ...

  4. Vor einem Tag · Nesta edição do quadro "Luz, Câmera, Ação", o escritor Felipe Figueira acrescentou fotos de sua viagem à Polônia, local onde se passa no filme.

  5. Vor 23 Stunden · This film by Roman Polanski brought me a transcendence. So, before writing this chapter, I first searched to verify the facts about the film's beginning. I was astonished to find that I was right. The film is a brilliant suspense thriller whose main theme is "the reason why (the occasion, the motive) I became a politician."

  6. Vor 23 Stunden · Throughout her illustrious career, Deneuve has collaborated with some of the most revered directors in cinema history, including Luis Buñuel, Roman Polanski, and François Truffaut. Her versatility as an actress has allowed her to portray a diverse range of characters with depth and nuance, earning her numerous accolades and cementing her status as a cinematic icon.

  7. Vor 23 Stunden · 2 men charged for 67-year-old woman's murder in Tukwila Costco parking lot. TLDR: one, Ilyiss Mohamud Abdi, is in jail on $6MM bail, with a separate running gun battle in Kent having landed him in jail. One, Salman Haji, fled the country and has not been seen since (he was pulled over but not detained and left shortly thereafter).

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