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  1. Tammi Terrell (* 29. April 1945 in Philadelphia; † 16. März 1970 ebenda; eigentlich Thomasina Winifred Montgomery) war eine US-amerikanische Soul - und R&B -Sängerin. Sie hatte ihre größten Erfolge als Gesangspartnerin von Marvin Gaye zwischen 1967 und 1969.

  2. Thomasina Winifred Montgomery (born April 29, 1945 – March 16, 1970), professionally known as Tammi Terrell, was an American singer-songwriter, widely known as a star singer for Motown Records during the 1960s, notably for a series of duets with singer Marvin Gaye.

  3. 21. Juli 2020 · Tammi Terrell was a Motown star who sang with Marvin Gaye on many hits, but died of brain cancer at 24. Learn about her tragic story, abusive relationships, famous songs and how Gaye never got over her death.

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  4. 14. März 2016 · Erfahre mehr über das Leben und die Musik von Tammi Terrell, die mit Marvin Gaye legendäre Motown-Duette sang. Lese, wie sie mit einem Hirntumor kämpfte und wie sie von James Brown und Marvin Gaye bewundert wurde.

  5. Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - The Complete Duets. Vincent Ridon. compilation of duet recordings by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell between 1965-1969; compiles all of the tracks from their three...

  6. 16. Nov. 2009 · Tammi Terrell was a Motown soul singer who collaborated with Marvin Gaye on four hit songs in 1967. She died of a brain tumor in 1970, leaving Gaye devastated and out of the spotlight for three years.

  7. 29. Apr. 2024 · Tammi Terrell was a graceful Motown songbird who died of a brain tumour at 24. She had hits with Marvin Gaye and solo, and left a legacy of elegant vocals and soulful songs.