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  1. Welcome to The Boxer Wiki! Characters. For the characters that fill The Boxer! Read more >. A wikia dedicated to The Boxer, the intense boxing-themed Webtoon created by Jung Ji-Hoon. With 1,376 edits and counting, on 71 articles, this wiki community is still looking to grow!

  2. Die Folk-Rock-Ballade The Boxer (englisch für ‚Der Boxer‘) des US-amerikanischen Duos Simon & Garfunkel wurde 1968 von Paul Simon geschrieben. 1969 als Single veröffentlicht, erreichte sie Platz 7 der US-amerikanischen und Platz 19 der deutschen Charts.

    • April 1969
    • Folk-Rock
  3. › wiki › The_BoxerThe Boxer - Wikipedia

    The song is a folk rock ballad that variously takes the form of a first-person lament as well as a third-person sketch of a boxer. The lyrics are largely autobiographical and partially inspired by the Bible and were written during a time when Simon felt he was being unfairly criticized.

    • "Baby Driver"
    • March 21, 1969
  4. Yu (유, Yu; "Yu") is the main character of The Boxer. He is a former World Champion boxer, currently working at an orphanage after his match with J. Yu has a very dark and melancholic appearance, with unstyled jet-black hair that drapes down loosely on his head, distinctively coal-black eyes with...

    • 3 Min.
  5. Genre. Sports / Action / Martial Arts / Shōnen. The Boxer is a webtoon series authorised and illustrated by Jung Ji-Hoon (who is part of Ultra Media). First serialised at the end of 2019 on Naver it was then picked up and hosted on LINE Webtoons at the end of May 2020.

    • 3 Min.
  6. The Boxer is a WEBTOON comic by the author JH about several professional boxers and their stories. The main protagonist of the story is Yu, a former shut in who has a superhuman talent for boxing. Scouted and trained in the sport, the story follows him as he rises up the ladder and the boxing world reacts to the presence of such a talent.

  7. 1. März 2022 · Songs wie «The sound of silence», «Mrs. Robinson», «The boxer» oder «Bridge over troubled water» haben sich in das kollektive Gedächtnis gebrannt. Von Urs Musfeld. Paul Simon und Art Garfunkel sind zwei Schulfreunde, beide geboren im Herbst des Jahres 1941, aufgewachsen in jüdischen Mittelstandsfamilien im New Yorker Stadtteil Queens.