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  1. The Sweet ist eine britische Rockband, die in der Besetzung Brian Connolly, Mick Tucker, Steve Priest und Andy Scott mit Hits wie The Ballroom Blitz, Teenage Rampage, Blockbuster! oder Fox on the Run eine der erfolgreichsten Glam-Rock -Gruppen der 1970er Jahre war.

    • Mick Tucker

      Michael Thomas „Mick“ Tucker (* 17.Juli 1947 in Harlesden,...

    • Steve Priest

      Steve Priest, 2018. Stephen Norman „Steve“ Priest (*...

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    Andy Scott's Sweet: thesweet .com. Sweet (known as The Sweet until the early 1970s [1]) are a British glam rock band who rose to prominence in the 1970s. Their best-known line-up consisted of lead vocalist Brian Connolly, bassist Steve Priest, guitarist Andy Scott and drummer Mick Tucker.

    • 1968–1982, 1985–present
  3. The Sweet discography. Sweet performing in 2023. Studio albums. 14. Live albums. 11. Compilation albums. 24. Video albums.

    • 24
    • 14
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    • 13
  4. BUY CD. Recording in Isolation has an array of technical obstacles to overcome - This album proves that with positive application it is not Impossible! The cover artwork tips a hat to Desolation Boulevard, 1975 and the band’s first Headline Tours. The comparison between the old and new is obvious as they are both a compilation of the best of ...

  5. Lee Small. Born 19th July 1967 in Bloxwich near Walsall, in the West Midlands. Lee started to play Bass at the age of 13 & by the time he was 15 was performing on the local pub scene in & around Wolverhampton. He became a Vocalist / frontman quite by accident in 1989, after the band he was with at the time failed to find a singer & since then ...

  6. Biografie The Sweet Bandhistorie, Members. Im Jahr 1968 gründeten vier Briten die Band The Sweet, die später zu einer der erfolgreichsten Glam-Rock-Bands der 70er Jahren werden sollte. Die beiden Mitglieder Brian Connolly (Lead-Sänger) und Mick Tucker (Schlagzeug) kannten sich bereits aus einer anderen Band, stiegen aber im Januar 1968 aus ...