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  1. 21.12.2021 · Betrug bei Vinted? Hey, ich habe mir gestern bei Vinted eine Jacke für 160€ ausgesucht. Habe auch die Benutzerin angeschrieben und alles per PayPal über Freunde und Familie gezahlt. Es hat alles gut geklappt und sie meinte sie verschickt es heute oder morgen. Jetzt aber wurde ihr Konto wegen Betrug gesperrt...

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    Vinted is an peer-to-peer online marketplacethat facilitates the purchase, sale and exchange of clothing items. As the name indicates, Vinted primary focus lies in vintage and/or second-hand fashion. Users can sell clothes in either the Women, Men or Kids category. Sellable items include things such as: 1. Jeans, skirts, lingerie, dresses or sweaters 2. Shoes, i.e. sandals, heels, boots, or flip-flops 3. Bags, including shoulder bags, fanny packs, handbags, backpacks and more 4. Accessories, for instance watches, sunglasses, belts, jewelry, or hats 5. Beauty products such as perfume, hair and nail care, or makeup If a user finds an item of his/her liking and they agree to the price set, they can simply proceed to purchase the product. Vinted will then equip the seller with a prepaid shipping label, making it easy for sellers to ship the products. Furthermore, as the operator of the marketplace, Vinted takes care of the payment and refund process while ensuring that the buyer receive...

    Vinted was founded in 2008 by Milda Mitkute and Justas Janauskas in Vilnius, Lithuania. As with every idea worth pursuing, the concept of Vinted originated from a conversation Janauskas shared with a friend at a bar. They chatted about creating a website that would allow people to trade their used fashion items with each other. Soon after, Janauskas and Mitkute (who joined him later on as co-founder) created a prototype and released it into the world. Without any dedicated marketing efforts, the pair saw their platform grow on the backbone of users engaging in their forum-style community. While coding on his project one night, a couch-surfing guest of Janauskas from Munich, Sophie Utikal, prompted him on what he was working on. His explanation excited Utikal so much that she wanted to take that concept to Germany. The pair agreed that Janauskas would take care of all technical work (as he himself is a software engineer by profession) while Utikal would handle all promotional activit...

    Vinted makes money by charging buyers a fixed and variable fee on every successful transaction facilitated through their platform as well as through advertising on its platform. The fixed fee is used to cover fixed costs such as payment processing or providing the shipping label and is equal to $0.70 for every transaction. Additionally, a variable fee of 5 percent is applied. If the article sells for $100, then the buyer pays an additional $5 in buying fees. Interestingly enough, online marketplaces normally charge sellers instead of buyers. In fact, selling on Vinted is completely free! Many other platforms such as eBay, Poshmarkor ThredUp are charging its sellers for helping them facilitate transactions. Additionally, Vinted has two other monetization streams, which are: 1. Closet Spotlight 2. Bumping listed items Closet Spotlight is a paid feature that promotes a seller’s wardrobe (list of products they offer) to other users with similar fashion preferences. For seven days, buyer...

    According to Crunchbase, Vinted has raised a total of $562.3 million in six rounds of venture capital funding. In its latest Series F round, announced in May 2021, the company raised €250 million at a valuation of more than $4.5 billion. Notable investors of Vinted include the likes of Lightspeed Venture Partners, Accel, Insight Partners, Sprints Capital, or Burda Principal Investments. As with any venture-backed startup, Vinted does not disclose any revenue metrics to the public.

  2. 15.01.2022 · Although Vinted is operational in around 15 international markets, this Lithuania-born unicorn has a maximum fan following in France. In 2013, during Series A funding, Vinted raised €5.2M from Accel. Five years running, Vinted had started to grab the attention of investors. So far, Vinted has raised $562.3M in six funding

  3. 26.12.2021 · Bei Vinted liegt der Fokus klar auf dem Kauf, Verkauf und Tausch von Kleidung. Wer nach einem Gebrauchtwagen oder einem iPhone aus zweiter Hand sucht, wird hier nicht fündig. Vinted gestattet lediglich den Verkauf von technischem Zubehör wie Kopfhörer, Smartwatches, Handyhüllen oder Ähnliches.

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  4. 17.01.2022 · Vinted risulta essere una piattaforma del tutto gratis, che consente la vendita, l’acquisto e lo scambio di indumenti, scarpe ed accessori tutti prettamente di seconda mano. Essendo facile e sicuro, Vinted può essere utilizzato da tutti coloro che intendono svuotare il proprio armadio, mettendo via cose di cui magari non si usufruisce più da tempo, oppure acquistare scegliendo anche […]

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