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  1. The DNVP was the main authoritarian right party of Weimar Germany but moved to the radical right after coming under the control of press baron Alfred Hugenberg in 1928. It organized the National Opposition in 1929, together with leaders of Der Stahlhelm , Hjalmar Schacht , the president of the Reichsbank , and the Nazi Party, to ...

  2. The Reichstag, elected for a four-year term, was the central legislative body under the Constitution of the Weimar Republic. Its main functions were legislation, including approval of the budget, and scrutiny of the Reich Government. It organised its work by means of a system of permanent committees.

  3. 19. Jan. 2019 · The Communist Party detested the Weimar Republic. The Social Democrats (SPD): the party of Ebert and largely responsible for creating the Weimar Republic. They were a party on the left, but not as left wing as the Communist Party. The party drew its support from the workers mainly and the middle classes.

  4. Bavarian People’s Party: Center: Center Party: DAP: German Workers’ Party: DDP: German Democratic Party: DNT: German National Theater: DNVP: German National People’s Party: DVP: German People’s Party: GmbH: Limited (form of company) Komintern: Communist International: KPD: Communist Party of Germany: KVP: Conservative People’s Party ...

  5. The political parties in the Weimar Republic The German National People’s Party (Deutsch-Nationale Volkspartei – DNVP), representing the conservative monarchist camp, campaigned against the democratic system and the international order established by the Treaty of Versailles. The DNVP defended the economic and social interests of the

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  6. While the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the Centre Party dominated the Reichstag, there were several other notable Weimar political parties. Contents 1 A politically fertile period 2 German National People’s Party (DNVP) 3 German People’s Party (DVP) 4 German Democratic Party (DDP) 5 Bavarian People’s Party (BVP) 6 Fringe parties

  7. Weimar communist parties (KPD and USPD) A USPD campaign poster, depicting the building of socialism Divisions in the ranks of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) led to the formation of two more radical left-wing parties: the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany ( Unabhängige Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschland , or USPD) and the ...