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  1. 13. Aug. 2014 · The deaths of the two convicted murderers, hanged with little ceremony at separate prisons at 8am on 13 August 1964, made only a couple of lines in the national press.

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    The last public hanging in the United States (not including lynching, one of the last of which was Michael Donald in 1981) took place on 14 August 1936, in Owensboro, Kentucky. Rainey Bethea was executed for the rape and murder of 70-year-old Lischa Edwards.

  3. 2. Aug. 2014 · Britain’s last hangman On a winter morning in 1963 Harry Allen hanged Russell Pascoe, the penultimate execution of his 23-year career. Fifty years after the final hanging in the UK, prison...

  4. Delaware's Billy Bailey was the last criminal to be hanged in the United States, in 1996. Bailey was just the third criminal to be hanged since 1965, [18] the other two being Charles Rodman Campbell in 1994 and Westley Allan Dodd in 1993, both in Washington State .

  5. 6. Mai 2001 · In August 1936, some 20,000 people descended on Owensboro, Ky., to witness what would be the last state-sanctioned public execution in America. Kentucky was the only state still conducting public...

  6. 13. Aug. 2014 · When Evans and Allen took their last fateful walk from cell to hanging room they brought the age of the strong rope, the noose and the 6ft drop to an end. It was August 1964, the Beatles had ...

  7. 27 August 1861: Martin Doyle was the last person to be hanged for attempted murder, at Chester. 29 April 1862: Mary Timney's hanging was the last public execution of a woman in Scotland. 14 November 1864: Franz Muller was hanged for the murder of Thomas Briggs, the first murder committed on a British train.