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  1. 18. März 2023 · Over 1,000 companies have publicly announced they are voluntarily curtailing operations in Russia to some degree beyond the bare minimum legally required by international sanctions — but some companies have continued to operate in Russia undeterred.

  2. 18. März 2023 · How We Do It: We have a team of experts with backgrounds in financial analysis, economics, accounting, strategy, governance, geopolitics, and Eurasian affairs with collective fluency in ten languages including Russian, Ukrainian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Polish and English, compiling this unique dataset using ...

  3. 28. Juli 2022 · Researchers at Yale University say the Russian economy is suffering massive damage due to Western sanctions, despite Moscow downplaying the effect. Advertisement Sanctions on Russia are...

  4. 19. Okt. 2022 · Our team of experts, using private Russian language and unconventional data sources including high frequency consumer data, cross-channel checks, releases from Russia’s international trade partners, and data mining of complex shipping data, as well as our proprietary dataset tracking the exits of over 1,000 companies, have released one of the first comprehensive economic analyses measuring ...

  5. 11. März 2022 · Sonnenfeld and his team began tracking companies suspending or ending their activities in Russia on February 28, four days after Russia invaded Ukraine; initially, the list amounted to a few dozen. It has now grown to more than 300. A second list collects major companies that retain “significant exposure in Russia.”.

  6. The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures joins colleagues at ASEEES, AATSEEL, other Slavic departments, and the global academic community, in strongly condemning Russia’s unprovoked military invasion of Ukraine. We are appalled by mounting human losses and the suffering of civilians.

  7. The Nobel Peace Prize for Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian human rights activists October 20, 2022 The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to human rights activists from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia last week. The laureates - the Center for Civil Liberties, Ukrainian... Yale Review: Marci Shore on “Invisible Bridges On Ukraine, Russia, and friendships”