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  • Review CentreOct 22, 2017
    Booking a trip to the Philippines. Once I decided on the places I wanted to stay, I would google each and every site to chase up the best deal. Agoda definitely is the best value for money. … Read Full Review Weiterlesen
  • TrustpilotJan 13, 2015
    Convenience : I have always use agoda for my hotel booking. Hassle free. But please include more hotels as there are many hotels that are not in agoda. Weiterlesen
  • TrustpilotDec 7, 2014
    User friendly, reliable, efficient and cosy effective. : I visited 5 countries in South east asia in 4 weeks and used Agoda exclusivity to search, find and book the hotel at the price range and location of my choice. The reviews are exceptionally useful. Overall prices are better than offered... Weiterlesen
  • TrustpilotMay 19, 2015
    Easy and fast : Easy to find good hotel with good price too Weiterlesen
  • TrustpilotFeb 9, 2018
    GOOD : GOOD, USER FRIENDLY. Weiterlesen
  • ResellerRatingsJan 23, 2018
    Agoda is the worst online booking website out there! They are liars and scammers. I booked a stay in cancun thourgh their website. I jumped through all their hoops to confirm my reservation. Even did their fraud security. I received an email that every was accepted and confirmed. I received an email... Weiterlesen
  • ViewpointsMar 3, 2016
    I love for their excellent choice of hotels in South East Asia specifically. I would also like to point out that customer service is really professional and they promptly help to resolve any issue whenever those came up. Weiterlesen
  • ViewpointsJul 9, 2014
    After drooling over a friend's pictures and stories from his trip to Thailand, I decided to check out what options were available if I wanted to plan a trip. I googled "travel to Thailand" and was the first site that came up in my search. I like the layout and the information each search... Weiterlesen
  • ViewpointsJul 17, 2014
    The Bottom Line: is just about the perfect hotel booking website. User-friendly, a "pay later" option easy cancellations, completely legit and unbiased reviews, and a great rewards program that allow you to redeem points for hotel stays. The only minor negative is the slow customer service... Weiterlesen
  • ViewpointsJul 8, 2014
    I recently used Agoda after seeing positive reviews about them on here. I simply needed to book a room for a trip to Chicago. The process went perfectly smooth and I had a great room waiting for me when I got there. Weiterlesen