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  1. Lifestyle - DecoPulse Cache

    When some of us think about manipulation we have visions of clever politicians and strategists plotting our control. We imagine the personal effects of manipulation but we almost always attribute the manipulative plot to some faceless, clandestine, monolithic secret state organisation such as the KGB, CIA or MI6 etc.

  2. What Should I Invest In? - DecoPulse Cache

    The mindset behind investing is to keep your investment simple and consistent. Do not stay with just one asset, let them be a mixture of both mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, then make it interesting by keeping single stocks with your assets, about 10%.

  3. What Lies Behind a Smile - DecoPulse Cache

    A smile is a sign of welcome that is known all around the world. It is the one gesture that is instantly recognized everywhere. In addition, smiling is good for you. A smile, even a forced smile, makes you feel better. Smiles release endorphins, seratonin, and natural pain killers, which …

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    By the end of the century, that figure could balloon to hundreds of trillions of dollars worldwide in the worst-case sea-level-rise scenarios, a truly daunting prospect that climate scientist James Hansen has characterized as “the loss of all coastal cities, most of the world’s largest cities, and all of …

  5. Is Freelancing for You - DecoPulse Cache

    Most freelancers have work in their diaries for only the next few months, weeks or even days. This is quite usual, a key part of successful freelancing is to be secure in such insecurity. This is easier said than done and can be especially hard if you are more accustomed …

  6. Learning Linear Perspective - DecoPulse Cache

    How important is it to learn linear perspective? Computers can calculate perspective angles and create a drawing for us, so what need is there to learn it traditionally? To begin with, pencils and paper are not going away soon. The freedom and spontaneity of mark-making, the tactile quality of a …

  7. How Real is Luck? - DecoPulse Cache

    A lot of life makes sense only when you look at events in the rearview mirror; we tend to connect the dots in hindsight. When we do so, we often turn random life choices and chance happenings into a convincing and logical story that we tell others.