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  1. Restoring lost files - Corel Discovery Center Cache

    If Painter crashes due to application instability, a copy of the file that you were working on may be found in the My Documents folder (Windows). Simply relaunch the application and browse to the folder to open the file.

  2. How to Repair Your CorelDRAW Installation - AdvancedTshirts Cache

    Corel draw. Thomas Knight has great tutorials for his programs. I first began my journey as a graphic artist in 1990 and my how times have changed. Glad I've been blessed by the Grace of God to be able to do what I love. Simple seps makes it much quicker to develope art and go to press.

  3. How to recover a CorelDraw CDR file containing a corrupted project online. Online service for recovering CDR files containing non-working CorelDrawdrawing

    • (8)
  4. The CorelDRAW recovery software helps fix corrupted CDR files. The CorelDRAW recovery tool reads damaged *.cdr file in several ways, using different algorithms for CDR repair. All objects recovered from a bad drawing are available later for preview on the second page in the software. Features of the CDR repair tool:

  5. Core recovery parameters - Wikipedia Cache

    It is the borehole core recovery percentage incorporating only pieces of solid core that are longer than 100 mm in length measured along the centerline of the core. In this respect pieces of core that are not hard and sound should not be counted though they are 100 mm in length. RQD was originally introduced for use with core diameters of 54.7 mm (NX-size core). RQD has considerable value in ...

  6. how do you recover autosaved files? - CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5... Cache

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 how do you recover ... the views expressed in this site are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the views of Corel Corporation, or its affiliates and their respective officers, directors, employees and agen ...

  7. How to Repair CorelDraw X6 on WIN 8 – Knowledge Base Cache

    In CorelDraw it is possible to do a Repair of the Program to help resolve minor issues that may be experienced caused by some missing install component. Here's the Step by Step Procedures on How to do the Repair option with CorelDraw X6 on WIN 8. 1. Go to Control Panel.

  8. How to Restore a Painting - Corel Discovery Center Cache

    Corel® Painter™ has long been my program of choice for drawing, painting, and creating stylish portraits from photographs. One thing I use Painter for that’s rarely covered is restoring old or damaged photographs and paintings. A perfect example is the opportunity I had to help a church, Chiesa Della Liberia, in the Italian province of Naples. Located in the town of Saviano, the church ...

  9. CorelDRAW Help | Backing up and recovering files Cache

    Backing up and recovering files The auto-backup feature saves drawings that you have opened and modified. During any working session with CorelDRAW, you can set the time interval for automatically backing up files and specify whether you want the files to be saved in your temporary folder (the default location) or in a specified folder.

  10. CORE Energy Recovery Solutions designs and produces energy recovery exchangers for a wide range of residential to commercial applications. From multi-unit residential, education and healthcare to high-performance Passive House projects, CORE Energy Recovery Solutions provides the best solutions for high performance, hygienic, and low maintenance applications.