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  1. Andy Gray incident. In late 2010, Sky Sports commentator Andy Gray and presenter Richard Keys were caught making off-air comments about a female assistant referee, which were considered sexist. Shortly afterwards, footage emerged of Gray making a comment to Jackson that was also deemed sexist, and ended up costing Gray his job.

  2. After Scott and Wickham, Thistlethwaite has more songwriting credits than any other Waterboy. His saxophone (regularly featured in solos) was one half of the early group's distinctive brass section, while his mandolin playing came to the forefront during the group's Irish folk phase; but he has also played guitar, keyboards and a number of other instruments for the band. He pressed to return ...

  3. Andy, Bobby e Hawk ricevono degli indizi da parte del Maggiore Briggs, in cui gli viene detto di andare nel bosco, in un luogo ove un tempo si trovava un edificio chiamato "palazzo di Jack Rabbit", alle 2.53. In questa circostanza, si apre un portale per quella che potrebbe essere la Loggia Bianca, e Andy ne viene risucchiato. Andy, quindi, fa la conoscenza del Fuochista (spirito simile o ...

  4. Gordon James Ramsay (1966. november 8.–) skót nemzetiségű szakács, médiaszemélyiség, a Brit Birodalom Rendjének birtokosa, több Michelin-csillag tulajdonosa. London Chelsea negyedében nyitott és hamar népszerűvé vált étterme, a Gordon Ramsay három Michelin-csillagot visel.