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  1. › wiki › Grizzly_ManGrizzly Man - Wikipedia

    Grizzly Man is a 2005 American documentary film by German director Werner Herzog.It chronicles the life and death of bear enthusiast Timothy Treadwell.The film includes some of Treadwell's own footage of his interactions with brown bears before 2003, and of interviews with people who knew or were involved with Treadwell, as well as professionals dealing with wild bears.

  2. Despite the negative reviews, Grizzly was the top grossing independent film of 1976, earning nearly $38 million worldwide, and held the record until Halloween was released two years later in 1978. The film's executive producer, Edward L. Montoro , president of Film Ventures International distributed the film in the U.S. and Canada and sold the worldwide distribution rights to Columbia Pictures ...

  3. 24.01.2005 · He would often camp with his girlfriend Amie Huguenard in areas with a high population of grizzly bears. Treadwell would film his interactions and explain how the bears would react. In October of 2003, a grizzly bear attacked Treadwell and his girlfriend in their tent, resulting in their deaths. Treadwell’s camera was able to record audio of ...

  4. This isn't a documentary about the Grizzly, it's a character study of a man more concerned about creating an image for himself, than he did for his supposed crusade. The whole thing feels like such a fraud and such a grab for attention. Timothy styles himself as the bears savior, as if he's the only one who cares. He deludes himself into ...

  5. › title › tt0074593Grizzly (1976) - IMDb

    21.05.1976 · Grizzly: Directed by William Girdler. With Christopher George, Andrew Prine, Richard Jaeckel, Joan McCall. An eighteen-foot-tall grizzly bear terrorizes a state park, leaving it up to a Park Ranger to save the day.

  6. A final note on the movie Grizzly Man. In the last few minutes of the film, we see Tim walking across the tidal flats with two red fox following close behind. Pretty neat, and I have to admit I too have had similar experiences. Anyone that spends as much time in the field as Tim and I have, will no doubt have had similar experiences.

  7. The Night of the Grizzly: Directed by Joseph Pevney. With Clint Walker, Martha Hyer, Keenan Wynn, Nancy Kulp. Ex-lawman Jim Cole retires to Wyoming to farm his land, but a land-greedy neighbor, an ex-con turned bounty hunter, and a vicious grizzly bear upset his retirement plans.