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  1. John Frederick Norman Hampson Simpson (26 March 1901 – 26 December 1955) was an English novelist writing as John Hampson. Best known for his 1931 novel Saturday Night at the Greyhound – an unexpected success for Hogarth Press – he was a member of a Birmingham Group of working-class authors that included Walter Allen , Leslie ...

  2. Biography. John Hampson was born John Frederick Norman Hampson Simpson (he adopted the name John Hampson for his writing) in Handsworth, Birmingham in 1901. His father’s family has been a theatrical family but Hampson’s father was the manager and part-owner of a brewery which went bankrupt in 1907, leaving the family in dire financial ...

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    John Hampson. John Hampson may refer to: John Hampson (writer) (1760–1819), English religious writer. Jack Hampson (1887–1960), Welsh footballer. John Hampson (novelist) (1901–1955), English novelist. John Hampson (musician), American guitarist and vocalist, member of rock band Nine Days.

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    Nine Days (stylized as ninedays) is an American rock band from Long Island, New York. It was formed in the hamlet of St. James Suffolk County, New York in 1994 by John Hampson and Brian Desveaux, and released three independent albums in the 1990s before their mainstream debut album, The Madding Crowd, released in 2000.

  5. John Hampson (1936–1955) Therese Giehse ( German pronunciation: [teˈʁeːzə ˈɡiːzə] ⓘ ; 6 March 1898 – 3 March 1975), born Therese Gift , was a German actress. Born in Munich to German- Jewish parents, she first appeared on the stage in 1920.

  6. 1936 hatte Giehse den schwulen englischen Schriftsteller John Hampson-Simpson geheiratet, um zu einem britischen Pass zu kommen, da die EmigrantInnen von Hitler ausgebürgert worden waren.

  7. John Hampson: Saturday Night at the Greyhound. Hampson’s first and best-known work, though called a novel and a hundred sixty pages long, could be considered as a long short story (novella), conforming as it does to the classic unities, set in the same place and during a short time period, a Saturday night. It is a fascinating work, with a ...