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  1. They could also fall in love to save their country, like Polish Countess Marie Walewska. Her now-forgotten affair with Napoleon Bonaparte was depicted in an old American black-and-white film, 'Conquest'.

  2. 27. Juni 2024 · Maria Countess Walewska (née Łączyńska; 7 December 1786 – 11 December 1817) was a Polish noblewoman and a mistress of Emperor Napoleon. In her later years she married count Philippe Antoine d'Ornano, an influential Napoleonic officer.

  3. Napoleon returned from Elba where he kept Maria Walewska a closely guarded secret, and there is not evidence that Marie Louise knew of the visit. She was done with Napoleon regardless, believing her toxic family instead of being loyal.

  4. 17. Juni 2024 · Facts & information about title «Maria Walewska. Geliebte Napoleons, Gräfin Ornano.» by Christine Sutherland from the series «Knaur Taschenbücher» [with availability check]

  5. 5. Juli 2024 · Synchronfirma: Bavaria Atelier GmbH, München. Dialogbuch: Werner Uschkurat. Dialogregie: Werner Uschkurat. Anzahl Sprechrollen: 58. Darsteller. Sprecher.

  6. 5. Juli 2024 · Greta Garbo (als Gräfin Maria Walewska) in Maria Walewska (1937) [Synchro (1950)]

  7. 5. Juli 2024 · von Siegfried Schürenberg (als Großmarschall Duroc ) in Maria Walewska (1937) [Synchro (1950)]