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  1. Robert Merton Solow ist ein US-amerikanischer Ökonom. Er erhielt 1987 den Alfred-Nobel-Gedächtnispreis für Wirtschaftswissenschaften für seine Arbeiten über ökonomische Wachstumstheorien. Daneben ist er auch Träger des Ordens Pour le Mérite für Wissenschaften und Künste und der Presidential Medal of Freedom. Vier seiner ...

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    Robert M. Solow Papers, 1951–2011 and undated. Rubenstein Library, Duke University. "Robert Merton Solow (1924– )". The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics. Library of Economics and Liberty (2nd ed.). Liberty Fund. 2008. Appearances on C-SPAN; Robert M. Solow at MIT Infinite History

  3. Robert M. Solow Biographical . I was born in Brooklyn, New York on August 23, 1924, the oldest of three children. My parents were themselves the children of immigrants. They had to earn a living as soon as they finished secondary school. So my sisters, my cousins and I were the first generation of our family to attend a university. I was ...

  4. Robert Solow, (born August 23, 1924, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.), American economist who was awarded the 1987 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his important contributions to theories of economic growth. Solow received a B.A. (1947), an M.A. (1949), and a Ph.D. (1951) from Harvard University.

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  5. Photo from the Nobel Foundation archive. Robert M. Solow. The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 1987. Born: 23 August 1924, Brooklyn, NY, USA. Affiliation at the time of the award: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA, USA.

  6. Robert M. Solow Prize Lecture . Lecture to the memory of Alfred Nobel, December 8, 1987. Growth Theory and After. I have been told that everybody has dreams, but that some people habitually forget them even before they wake up. That seems to be what happens to me. So I do not know if I have ever dreamt about giving this Lecture. I know that I ...