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  1. William Dawbney „Bill“ Nordhaus (* 31. Mai 1941 in Albuquerque, New Mexico) ist ein US-amerikanischer Wirtschaftswissenschaftler und Träger des Alfred-Nobel-Gedächtnispreises für Wirtschaftswissenschaften 2018. Er ist Sterling Professor für Volkswirtschaftslehre an der Yale University . Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Leben und Werk 2 Klimaökonomik 3 Werke

  2. William Nordhaus is Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale University. His fields are macroeconomics and the environment, and he is the author of the DICE model of climate and the economy. He has served as President of the American Economic Association, Provost of Yale University, and as economic adviser to President Jimmy Carter.

  3. William Dawbney Nordhaus (born May 31, 1941) is an American economist, a Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale University, best known for his work in economic modeling and climate change, and one of the 2 recipients of the 2018 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

  4. William Nordhaus was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the United States. He studied at Yale University and completed his PhD in 1967 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has been associated with Yale University since 1967 and a professor there since 1973. He has been a member of the Brookings Panel on Economic Activity since 1972, and from 1977 to 1979 he was an economic advisor to President Jimmy Carter’s administration.

  5. William Nordhaus is Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA. He was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico (which is part of the United States). He completed his undergraduate work at Yale University in 1963 and received his Ph.D. in Economics in 1967 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2018 "for integrating climate change into long-run macroeconomic analysis."

  6. William D. Nordhaus delivered his Prize Lecture on 8 December 2018 at the Aula Magna, Stockholm University. He was introduced by Professor Per Krusell, member of the Economic Sciences Prize Committee. Climate change: The Ultimate Challenge for Economics: Lecture slides Pdf 1 MB Copyright © William D. Nordhaus Read the Prize Lecture Pdf 2,4 MB

  7. William D Nordhaus. 2018. “ Projections and uncertainties about climate change in an era of minimal climate policies ”. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 10, 3, Pp. 333-60. 2017 W.D. Nordhaus. 2017. “ Evolution of Assessments of the Economics of Global Warming: Changes in the DICE model, 1992–2017 ”. Climatic Change, 148, 4, Pp. 623-640.