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  1. Shonna Tucker is an American bassist and songwriter from Killen, Alabama, near Muscle Shoals. [1] Background. Tucker grew up in Killen, Alabama, receiving her first bass at age 12, a gift from her father. She describes her musical education as "mostly playing along with Creedence Clearwater Revival tapes". [2] With the Drive-by Truckers.

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    Shonna Tucker grew up in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, listening to the same salty-sweet mix of soul and country that made up the Arthur Alexander and James Carr singles recorded there decades before ...

  3. Shonna Tucker's debut album, “A Tell All”, was recorded by Kyle Spence (Harvey Milk) and released in Oct 2013. It features ten songs about love and jealously, nights spent on the road and nights spent in the kitchen, the things men do to women and women do for men. “All these songs came fast, in a few months time,” explains Tucker ...

  4. Read an interview with Shonna in Bass Guitar Magazine here. photo by @Cowtownchad. © 2012 SHONNA TUCKER

  5. 8. Okt. 2020 · Learn about Shonna Tucker, a versatile musician who played bass for Drive-By Truckers and collaborated with many artists. Watch videos of her performances with Booker T., Betty LaVette, Son on Shade and more.

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    9. Nov. 2018 · Listen to Dreams Of Mine, a digital album by Shonna Tucker, a singer-songwriter and former member of Drive-By Truckers. The album features Spooner Oldham on keyboards and has five tracks of country rock and soul music.

  7. 8. Jan. 2014 · Shonna Tucker, former bassist and singer of Drive-By Truckers, talks about her new album A Tell All and her rural lifestyle. She reveals her influences, her reasons for leaving the band and her love for donkeys.