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  1. Learn the meaning of sad as an adjective and a noun, with synonyms, examples, etymology, and related words. Find out the difference between sad and irony, and how to use sad in a sentence.

  2. Sad is an adjective that means unhappy, sorry, or not satisfactory. It can also mean very bad or regretted. See synonyms, antonyms, examples, and related words for sad in different contexts and languages.

  3. sad adjective (NOT HAPPY) A1. unhappy or sorry: I've just received some very sad news. She gave a sad smile. [ + (that) ] It's sad (that) the trip had to be cancelled. I'm so sad (that) you can't come. [ + to infinitive ] It's sad to see so many failures this year. I was sad to hear that they'd split up.

  4. 1. Adjektiv [oft ADJ that/to-inf] If you are sad, you feel unhappy, usually because something has happened that you do not like. The relationship had been important to me and its loss left me feeling sad and empty. I'm sad that Julie's marriage is on the verge of splitting up.

  5. sad <-dd-> [sæd] ADJ 1. sad (unhappy): sad traurig sad betrübt sad bekümmert they were sad to hear that you were sick es machte sie traurig zu hören, dass du krank seist the old lady felt sad because her pet had died die alte Dame war traurig, weil ihr Haustier gestorben war 23 Beispiele aus dem Internet Mehr anzeigen 2. sad (unsatisfactory): sad